Innovation in Water & Wastewater Education

At XCG Training and Operations, we are committed to providing superior Director approved training so that our clients can fulfill their regulatory obligations efficiently and effectively. We are flexible and will work closely with your facility to accommodate your requests. XCG Training and Operations can assist with special requests including modifying existing course material to reflect the skills and knowledge the operators need for your facility.

Solid Experience

XCG trainers have in-depth knowledge of Ontario's drinking water regulations and have significant experience in operator training and operating municipal and First Nations water and wastewater facilities. Since most of our trainers are former municipal employees, they bring experience gained through years of operating water and wastewater systems.

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NEW! DIsinfection of Watermains Course - Includes New AWWA and MOECC Disinfection Procedures!

NEW! UV Disinfection Course

NEW! Filtration Course

COMING SOON...Membrane Course for Water and Wastewater...

Be sure to enquire about our EXAM PREP courses not listed in our calendar!


Bilingual Instruction Now Available!


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